Babiak, Walter (VF: 015.2008-0-1)
Born: October 11, 1933, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Conductor; violinist; composer; arranger; assistant conductor with National Ballet of Canada
Personal correspondence (O)

Baker, Michael J. (VF: 016.2008-0-1)
Born: 1949, Edmonton, Alberta; Died: 2000, Toronto, Ontario
Composer; artistic director of ARRAYMUSIC
Obituary (O); newspaper clippings (O&PC); photographs (PC)

ETDC/EDTC: “Music for Dance” (a list of Canadian composers and their works for dance) compiled by Michael J. Baker

Issue 50

Baker, Peggy (OS)
Born: October 22, 1952, Edmonton, Alberta
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director; teacher
Administrative archives (1991-1997); house programs (O); personal correspondence; publicity materials; article by Carol Anderson about Baker; National Ballet School with Peggy Baker Danceworks invitation 1999; postcards for Unfold by Carol Anderson; postcards for Unfold book launch; photographs; news release from Ontario Ministry of Culture “Peggy Baker Wins Premier’s Award for Excellence in the Arts”; correspondence; hand-written notes; Lar Lubovitch Dance Company DansCat project proposal; “The Danced Art of Peggy Baker” by Carol Anderson; posters (O&PC); VHS recording of Loin, tres loin

ETDC/EDTC: “Peggy Baker” by Michael Crabb
Unfold: A Portrait of Peggy Baker by Carol Anderson

Issue 65

Baker Adelman, Sara (IAR: 181.2010-1-1 through 181.2010-1-5)
Born: 1911, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Died: 1987, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; choreographer; teacher
Photographs; newspaper clippings; advertising file from Clara Bergart (Cole); personal correspondence; house programs; notebooks; pointe shoes; books (see DCD Library List for books donated by Barbara Donen); additional notes provided by Barbara Donen (daughter)

Issue 24

Baldry, Michelle (VF: 017.2008-0-1)
Theatre Performance Dance student, Ryerson University
Research materials regarding Ginette Laurin’s work Full House including newspaper clippings and reviews (PC); email interview with Laurin; magazine articles

Baldwin, Janet (Volkoff) (IAR: 185.2010-1-1 through 185.2010-1-5; RR: 198.2010-C1-1)
Born: December 5, 1912, Toronto, Ontario; Died: September 28, 1990, Toronto, Ontario
Teacher; choreographer; organizer of Volkoff Canadian Ballet and 1949 Canadian Ballet Festival; opened Janet Balwin School of Ballet in Toronto 1950s
Photographs of Baldwin, Janet Balwin Ballet School (PC)(O); manuscript of biography of Janet Baldwin and Boris Volkoff written for Dance Ontario Award Dinner by Marguerite McLean; various biographical chronologies for Janet Balwin and Boris Volkoff including brief bios of former students and collaborators, correspondence containing factual information regarding Janet Baldwin and Boris Volkoff, preparation of the Second Canadian Ballet Festival and establishment of the Canadian Ballet Festival Association, letters of condolence following Boris Volkoff’s death (PC); documents regarding Boris Volkoff Exhibition at the Metro Toronto Library, on Volkoff being made a Member of the Order of Canada; newspaper and magazine clippings; souvenir programs; adjudications and business records pertaining to Canadian Ballet Festival 1949-1954 (PC); programs (PC); a “Brief on the Ballet” (c.1951) by Janet Volkoff; magazine articles regarding Volkoffs and careers; contact list of friends, artists and co-workers of Boris Volkoff, early 1970s; compilation of press commentaries regarding Boris Volkoff’s career in Canada; interview transcripts of oral histories recorded at DICA Conference 1984; proposal for a radio documentary about dance in Canada pre-The National Ballet of Canada by Pat Patterson 1984 (PC); house programs and newspaper clippings regarding Clarkson Ballet Group, Janet Baldwin Concert Ballet and Janet Baldwin School of Ballet recitals and performances late 1950s, 1961, 1971 (PC)

ETDC/EDTC: “Janet Baldwin” by Clifford Collier
Estivale 2000: Canadian Dancing Bodies Then and Now: “Setting the Stage for Professionalization: The Canadian Ballet Festivals (1948-1954)” by Amy Bowring

Issues 2, 14, 18, 40, 45, 57, 62, 68

Ballard, Stephanie (Noden) (VF: 018.2008-0-1)
Born: February 14, 1949, San Francisco, California
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director; teacher with School of Contemporary Dancers; artistic advisor and company manager for Margie Gillis Dance Foundation
Final report on the “Legacy Project” to Canada Council for the Arts and Manitoba Arts Council 1998; videotapes and video catalogue 1964-1978

ETDC/EDTC: “Stephanie Ballard” by Carol Anderson

Issue 57

Ballet BC (VF: 516.2013-0-1)
Founded in 1986
House program 1996; On the Move newsletter c. 1991

ETDC/EDTC: “Ballet British Columbia” by Max Wyman

Issue 71

Ballet Creole (VF: 247.2012-0-1)
Toronto-based company founded by Patrick Parson (1990)
Publicity materials; house program for “Reconnaissance” 1996

Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal (VF: 248.2012-0-1, 248.2012-0-2)
Founded by Eva von Gencsy, Geneviève Salbaing and Eddy Toussaint (1972)
Souvenir programs 1970s and 1980s (O); house programs 1984 (O&PC); publicity booklets

ETDC/EDTC: “Les Ballets Jazz de Montréal” by Linde Howe-Beck

Issue 73

Ballet Jörgen (VF: 249.2012-0-1)
Toronto-based company founded by Bengt Jörgen and Susan Bodie (1987)
Press releases; house programs, publicity documents; Pointe newsletter Spring 2010

ETDC/EDTC: “Bengt Jörgen” by Penelope Reed Doob

Banff Centre (VF: 020.2008-0-1)
Educational institution founded in Banff, Alberta, in 1933 as an arm of the University of Alberta’s Department of Extension
Summer arts festival brochures 2007
See also Gweneth Lloyd

Barkley, Beverly (Craig) (VF: 021.2008-0-1)
Born: April 21, 1934, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer with Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1960s
House programs for Royal Winnipeg Ballet 1966 and Stratford Theatre Festival 1966 (PC); newspaper clippings regarding Maria Lewis 1948 (PC), Lawrence Adams and Juanita Shiletto 1953 (O); photograph of Maria Lewis with Eva von Genscy 2003 (O); correspondence; photographs; regarding Carol Coulson: CV, photographs, newspaper article 1990

RWB Alunmi Page: Beverly Barkley

Barrett, Cynthia (Neuman) (VF: 022.2008-0-1, 022.2008-0-2)
Born: December 25, 1921, Toronto, Ontario; Died: October 1, 2006, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; artistic director of the Neo Classical Dance Theatre / New Dance Group of Canada 1940s
Musical scores for Canadiana (PC); photographs (O&PC); costume designs (PC); biography; house programs (PC); newspaper clippings (PC); personal correspondence (PC); oral history

ETDC/EDTC: “Cynthia Barrett” compiled from research by Pat Kaiser
Estivale 2000: Canadian Dancing Bodies Then and Now: “Setting the Stage for Professionalization: The Canadian Ballet Festivals (1948-1954)” by Amy Bowring

Issue 24

Pages in History: Cynthia Barrett

Barton, Aszure (VF: 250.2012-0-1)
Born: Edmonton, Alberta
Dancer; choreographer; founder of Aszure Barton & Artists
House program for "BUSK & Blue Soup" 2010

Battery Opera (VF: 251.2012-0-1)
Vancouver-based company founded by Lee Su-Feh and David McIntosh (1995)
Publicity materials; house program for Gecko Eats Fly: Investigation into a Garden 2007

Beasley, Joseph E. (OAR)
Dance books. (See Book and Oral History Collections)

Beatty, “Pete” Eugenie/Isobel (née Holmstead) (VF: 023.2008-0-1, 023.2008-0-2, 023.2008-0-3)
Born: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Died: 2007, Toronto, Ontario
National Ballet School of Canada volunteer; National Ballet of Canada’s Women’s Committee Chair; Toronto Junior League member
Souvenir programs for Anna Pavlova in Toronto 1924, Toronto Junior League Cabaret 1936, Stratford Festival 1953; house programs for Sailor’s Relief Fund in Port Dover 1917 (O), Mildred Marsh 1924 (O), Winnifred Fax 1925 (O), London’s Festival Ballet 1953; music scores 1920s (O); newspaper and magazine photo clippings of Anna Pavlova c. 1920s; miscellaneous newspaper clippings; correspondence with Bettina Byers; biographical notes; regarding National Ballet of Canada: volunteer membership list 1988/89, annual report, miscellaneous business papers, promotional materials, newsletters, 35th Anniversary Celebration souvenir program, photograph of National Ballet of Canada volunteers c. 1970s

Beatty, Patricia (VF: 252.2012-0-1)
Born: May 13, 1936, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer, choreographer; teacher; co-founder of Toronto Dance Theatre (1968)
Dancing the Goddess house programs; photographs; John Wyre obituary; correspondence; New Dance Group of Canada house program and newspaper clippings 1967

ETDC/EDTC: “Patricia Beatty” by Graham Jackson
Form Without Formula by Patricia Beatty

Issues 47, 58

Bédard, Louise (VF: 254.2012-0-1)
Born: May 26, 1955, Drummondville, Quebec
Dancer; choreographer; teacher
Photos; house programs for dans les fougèrres fouldées du regard; publicity materials

ETDC/EDTC: “Louise Bédard” by Linde Howe-Beck

Beetles, Mary (VF: 255.2012-0-1)
House program for The Canadian Ballet given by Mary Beetle’s School of Dancing c. 1933 or 1939

Behnan, Carol (VF: 024.2008-0-1)
Member of Cecchetti Society; ballet teacher
Research material on Jeanne Rodier who was a student of Mary Beetles and Betty Graham; danced and choreographed for Opera Guild of Montreal; taught for Mary Beetles
Biography; photographs (O); negatives; research paper titled “Strings: A short account of the early days of ballet in Quebec, from 1900 to 1960, leading to the gradual development of Cecchetti work in Montreal”

Issue 47 (article about Jeanne Rodier by Carol Behnan)

Belcher, Ernest (VF: 025.2008-0-1)
Choreographer; teacher in Los Angeles, California 1920s
House programs (O); newspaper clippings (O)

Bell, Ken (VF: 026.2008-0-1)
Born: 1915; Died: 2000
Obituary (O); photographs within other portfolios belonging to National Ballet of Canada dancers (inquire for more information)

Bennathan, Serge (VF: 517.2013-0-1)
Born: August 14, 1957, L'Aigle, France
Dancer, choreographer, artistic director of Dancemakers (1990-2006), founder of Les Productions Figlio (2007)
Publicity material

ETDC/EDTC: “Serge Bennathan” by Michael Crabb

Bennie, Elsie (née Scraggs) (VF: 028.2008.0-1)
Born: Toronto, Ontario
Dancer in Winter Garden Shows at the Elgin Theatre 1924-1925
Photographs of Bennie, Lillian Alvarez, Toronto Royal Academy of Danceio Minstrels 1924/25, Bennie and Betty Ford 1982, interior of Elgin Theatre c. 1920 (PC)s; newspaper clippings regarding the revival of the Winter Garden Theatre 1981-1982 (PC); postcard of Bennie and Ford in Toronto Royal Academy of Danceio Minstrels c. 1920s (PC)

Bergart, Clara (Cole) (VF, 029.2008-0-1)
Dancer in Winnipeg 1930s; student of Sara Baker Adelman
Newspaper clippings regarding Celeste Dancing School and students of Sara Baker Adelman 1930s (PC); photographs of Clara Bergart and other students of Sara Baker Adelman (PC); house programs for Mary Wigman’s tour to Winnipeg January 1933 (PC), Celeste School of Dancing under the direction of Sara Baker Adelman and Gertrude Shtatleman May 1930 (PC), Sara Baker Adelman’s annual revues 1934 & 1936; biographical notes; oral history; correspondence

Bibliothèque de la Danse Vincent-Warren (VF: 256.2012-0-1)
Montreal-based dance library
Brochures; correspondence; article

Bickle, Jack (VF: 030.2008-1-1; OS)
Born: 1913, Hamilton, Ontario; Died: September 23, 1996, Windsor, Ontario
Cecchetti dancer; choreographer; teacher at University of Windsor’s School of Dramatic Arts until 1985; founded Jack W. Bickle Ballet School in Windsor, Ontario 1940s; appeared in several Warner Brother’s motion pictures
Photographs 1920s-1950s (O&PC); oral history; biographical notes (PC); obituary (O); “Notes of Dance” from Dance Masters of America Conferences 1940-1960s; musical scores; Labanotation scores; Cecchetti Society newsletters and notices

Issue 43, 44

Biderman, Marilyn (VF: 287.2012-0-1)
Photos (PC), house programs (PC), news clippings (PC), contracts (PC), correspondence (PC), program for Murray Darroch’s memorial service (PC)

Biloshisky, Vera (VF: 032.2008-0-1)
Born: 1950, Toronto, Ontario
Independent dancer
Newspaper article about the life of a dancer and this dancer in particular c. 1970

Birdsall, Fanny (AR)
Born: Toronto, Ontario; Died 1991
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; opened school in Toronto (1923-1983) with sister Helen
Photographs; house programs; newspaper clippings; magazines; brochures; oral history

Toronto Dance Teachers, 1825-1925 by Mary Jane Warner

Issues 6, 9, 22, 23

Birdsall, Helen Helen (IAR: 333.2013-1-1 through 333.2013-2-30; RR: 333.2013-D34-31)
Born: April 9, 1906, Brandon, Manitoba; Died: November 17,1988
Dancer; teacher; opened school in Toronto (1923-1983) with sister Fanny
Photographs; house programs; newspaper clippings; magazines; brochures; oral history

Toronto Dance Teachers, 1825-1925 by Mary Jane Warner

Issues 6, 9

Bishop-Gwyn, Carol (OS)
Dance historian, journalist
Books (see Book and Oral Histories Collection)

Dance Historian of the Month: Carol Bishop-Gwyn

Black Crook, The (VF: 040.2008-0-1)
Program; musical score; article from The Dance September 1926

Blazer, Pearl (VF: 033.2008-0-1)
Dancer with Neo Dance Theatre (New Dance Theatre from 1949), Toronto, 1940s
House programs and promotional booklets for the New Dance Theatre, late 1940s-early 1950s (PC); newspaper clippings regarding Ballet Festivals, New Dance Theatre (PC); photographs (PC); biographies of Saida Gerrard and Nancy Lima Dent

Blewchamp, Anna (VF; AR)
Born: December 17, 1947, London, England
Dancer; choreographer; researcher; author; teacher; faculty member York University Department of Dance
Research materials and correspondence regarding Gweneth Lloyd’s The Wise Virgins 1942; academic writing by Blewchamp regarding Gweneth Lloyd; newspaper clippings and reviews regarding The Wise Virgins reconstruction (O&PC); drawing of the set of The Wise Virgins; house program for York University performance of The Wise Virgins 1992 (O&PC); program and notes for a speech/presentation given at the Last/Lost Dance Symposium of 1992 that gives a comprehensive history of The Wise Virgins reconstruction; CV & biographical info regarding Blewchamp late1990s; grant application materials (PC); personal correspondence; photographs of Gweneth Lloyd, Sheila McKay, Margaret Piasecki, Joan Johnston, Alvin Tolentino, Lisa Otto and Anna Blewchamp; comic book The Flames of Terpsichore, vol 1:1, 1:2; Flipix booklet “When the Pie was Opened”; articles on 15 Dance Lab 1975 and 1977 (PC); house program from Gaiety Theatre and RA Canadian Celebrity Concert Series, First Season, 1944

ETDC/EDTC: “Anna Blewchamp” by Carol Anderson
Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Gweneth Lloyd and The Wise Virgins: Arguments for the Reconstruction of a Canadian Ballet” by Anna Blewchamp
This Passion: for the love of dance: “To dance beyond yourself: Peter Randazzo” by Anna Blewchamp

Issues 34 (about Anna Blewchamp), 42, 57 (articles by Anna Blewchamp)

Blok-Hanson, Willy (VF: 034.2008-0-1)
Born: 1916, Indonesia; Died: December 22, 2012, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; exercise teacher; author; founder and director of Willy Blok-Hanson Dance Group 1950s
Articles (O&PC); reviews (PC); house programs (PC); scrapbook (PC); Canadian Living Magazine (O)

Blumenstein, Tobe (Herlick) (VF: 079.2009-0-1)
Born: Toronto, Ontario
Dancer; studied with Nora Griffiths
House programs for Nora Griffith’s annual recitals 1937, 1938 & 1941 (O)

Bolsby, James (aka Stewart James) (IAR; RR: D37)
Born April 2, 1921; Died: December 25, 1998, Toronto, Ontario
Volkoff student and volunteer manager of Volkoff Canadian Ballet; first manager of National Ballet of Canada
Correspondence; newspaper clippings (O); photographs of dancers from Volkoff Canadian Ballet and National Ballet of Canada 1950s (O); negatives (O); house programs (O); publicity pamphlets 1950s (O); costume designs; costumes; sculpture by Elizabeth Wynn Wood; books; administrative file for Volkoff Canadian Ballet; administrative files regarding formation of National Ballet of Canada; National Ballet of Canada audition tour notes 1950

Issue 48

Boneham, Peter (VF: 080.2009-0-1)
Born: November 7, 1934, Rochester, New York
Artistic director of Le Groupe de la Place Royale (later Le Groupe Dance Lab); choreographer; teacher; dancer with Le Groupe de la Place Royale and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens
John Martin reviews for The New York Times regarding the “American Dance” series, 1955 (O); magazine clipping regarding Dance News 1965 (O); photographs (E)

ETDC/EDTC: “Peter Boneham” by Lai-Ling Lee
Peter in Process: Peter Boneham’s Sixty Years in Dance by Sara Porter

Issues 25, 61, 68

Border Crossings Conference (VF: 081.2009-0-1)
Society for Dance History Scholars/Association for Dance in Universities and Colleges in Canada 1995 Conference held at Ryerson Polytechnic University, Toronto, Ontario; included “Toronto Dancing Then and Now” exhibition at the Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library
Abstracts (O); biographies (O); program (O)

Border Crossings Magazine (VF: 082.2009-0-1)
Winnipeg-based arts magazine
Articles regarding dance (1990s) (PC)

Boss Lasserre, Madeleine (VF: 086.2009-0-1)
Born: 1901, Switzerland; Died: 1997, Toronto, Ontario
Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher; taught at the Toronto Conservatory of Music (later Royal Conservatory of Music)
Biography (PC); newspaper clippings (PC)

Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories: “Music and Movement: The Overlapping Careers of Madeleine Boss Lasserre and Saida Gerrard” by Selma Landen Odom

Issue 46

Bouchard, Sylvie (VF: 258.2012-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director; founder of BoucharDanse (2009)
Promotional material

Bowman, Elaine (AR)
Born: January 24, 1946, Stow Long, Huntingdonshire, England
Dancer; choreographer; administrator; producer; co-founder of Calgary’s Dancers’ Studio West
Periodicals; videotape; costume for Larry McKinnon’s Dance Sequences 1976

ETDC/EDTC: “Elaine Bowman” by Anne Flynn

Bowman, Rita (VF: 087.2009-0-1)
Photographs: 2 from unidentified Charlottetown Festival production, 2 National Ballet of Canada rehearsal shots of La Sylphide with Erik Bruhn and Celia Franca

Bowmanville Museum (VF: 088.2009-0-1)
Located in Bowmanville, Ontario
Regarding 19th-century and early 20th-century light opera productions in Bowmanville: house programs (PC); photographs (PC); newspaper clippings (PC)

Bowring, Amy (VF: 083.2009-0-1)
Born: July 29, 1971
Director of Collections and Research, Dance Collection Danse
Examiners remarks; syllabus notes; diploma from the Western Ontario Conservatory of Ballet; house programs for Huron Park Secondary School musicals; house programs and news clippings regarding the Errington-Graham studio and London Civic Ballet; notes from London City Directories; program listings for The Grand Theatre, London (1916-1959); handwritten notes; notes taken from interview with Bernice Harper; drafts of an article on Marion Stark Errington; copies of correspondence; photos (PC); original contemporary photo of the facility used for Dayton & McCormick Dance Academy; presentation transcript (re: Jim Bolsby [Stewart James] and the formation of The National Ballet of Canada); "The Process of Reconstruction: A Study of Labanotation and Film as Tools for Reconstructing Dance" by Amy Bowring (based on reconstruction of Doris Humphrey's "Two Ecstatic Themes"

Dance Historian of the Month: Amy Bowring
ENCORE! ENCORE! Exhibit: “Nancy Lima Dent: A Woman Ahead of Her Time” curated by Amy Bowring
Alison Sutcliffe: Terpsichorean Adventurer” curated by Amy Bowring

Brattson, “Kitty” (VF: 089.2009-0-1)
Born: 1913, Winnipeg, Manitoba; Died: 2004, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Tap dancer
Newspaper clippings (PC); personal correspondence; photographs; oral history; biography; obituary

Brayley, Sally (Bliss) (VF: 084.2009-0-1)
Born: c. mid-1930s, London, England
Dancer with Gotshalks Halifax Ballet 1940s, National Ballet of Canada 1950s, Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera; artistic consultant to Dance Nova Scotia; co-founder of Joffrey II dancers; executive director of Dance St. Louis
5th Canadian Ballet Festival program 1953 (O)

Briggs, Anita (VF: 090.2009-0-1)
Dance enthusiast
Personal correspondence; photograph of Peggy Malone Spangler (O)

Brinson, Peter (VF: 091.2009-0-1)
Born: 1920, Llandudno, Wales; Died: 1995, England
Writer; lecturer
“The Brinson Report” about the state of professional ballet training in Canada studying the National Ballet School, Royal Winnipeg Ballet School Professional Division, École supérieure de la danse du Québec 1975

Brouillette, Tom (VF: 257.2012-0-1)
Dancer; choreographer
Publicity card for Brouillette's series of rural-themed dances "Dances for the Meanwhile"

Brown, Diana (VF; OAR)
Transcripts for CBC program “The Dance” 1978-1979

Browne, Rachel (VF: 093.2009-0-1)
Born: November 16, 1934, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Died: June 9, 2012, Ottawa, Ontario
Dancer; choreographer; teacher; founder of Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers 1964
Correspondence; photographs; house programs; publicity material; videotapes (O)

ETDC/EDTC: “Rachel Browne” by Jacqui Good
Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s: “The Movement on Stage: Second-Wave Feminism and Gyrocentric Dance in Canada” by Allana Lindgren

Issues 36, 57, 72

Bruhn, Erik (VF: 518.2013-0-1)
Born: October 3, 1928, Copenhagen, Denmark; Died: April 1, 1986, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer, choreographer, artistic director
House program for Deux Galas de Danse 1962; Dancemagazine May 1981

Burns, Louise (VF)
Born: 1941
Toronto-based ballet dancer; teacher
Photograph (O)

Burpee, Susie (VF: 519.2013-0-1)
Born: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Dancer; choreographer; artistic director
Excerpt from article “Dance Dance Revolution: The hottest names in Canadian contemporary dance” by Paula Citron 2009

Busday, Viola (Robertson) (VF: 085.2009-0-1)
Dancer with Winnipeg Ballet 1940s
Photographs of David Adams and Gweneth Lloyd (PC); school exams 1947 (PC); transcript of oral history 1999

Butko, Natalia (AR)
Born: 1920s, Toronto, Ontario; Died, April 1999, Toronto, Ontario
Dancer with Volkoff Canadian Ballet and National Ballet of Canada
Personal correspondence; scrapbooks dating from 1938; memorial booklet for Vancouver-born choreographer/actor David Toguri 1933-1997 (O); newspaper clippings, biography and obituary regarding Toguri (O)

Issues 44, 48

Byers, Bettina (OAR: 224.2012-1-1 through 224.2012-2-30; RR: D43)
Born: December 18, 1909, Chatham, Ontario; Died: September 8, 2006, Victoria, British Columbia
Dancer; teacher; choreographer; first secretary for the Royal Academy of Dancing in Canada after studies in England in late 1930s; studied with Alison Sutcliffe; founder of the Academy of Ballet 1939; taught in Toronto and Kingston, Ontario, and Victoria, British Columbia
Donated by Jill Sladen - Newspaper and magazine clippings; Royal Academy of Dancing materials: Gazettes with “Canada land of promise” (magazine supplement), syllabi, certificates, annual reports, music books, Silver Jubilee record, RAD Bulletin October 1988, invitation list for Byers’s RAD Fellowship presentation; sheet music; photographs; oral history; costume; costume head piece; business records; class notes; choreographic notes; class records; correspondence; house programs for Alison Sutcliffe 1935, Bettina Byers Dance Recital, Ballet Club of Toronto, Academy of Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, Schumann 1940-1967; scrapbook containing photographs 1935-1939; The Curtain Call March 31, 1931; Bettina Byers tribute by Herbert Whittaker; costume designs; hand-written notes; booklets A Primer of Classical Ballet (Cecchetti Method) for Children by Cyril W. Beaumont (1933), Canadian Collection of Dance Prints, Bibliothèque Nationale du Québec (1983), Notes on the National Dances (date unknown); correspondence from Adeline Genée (1941-1970) plus order of service for Genée’s funeral; drawing of dancer inscribed “To Miss Byers, with love Monki” (date unknown); inventory for Bettina Byers fonds at Toronto Reference Library; obituary; books (see DCD Library List)

ETDC/EDTC: “Bettina Byers” by Clifford Collier

Issue 17




In 1983, under the banner ENCORE! ENCORE!, research was begun into choreographies created by Canadian dance artists working in the 1940s and 1950s for the purposes of preserving their works through reconstruction, notation, videotape and photography. (READ MORE)




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