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Visionary Partners ($5,000+)

Iris Bliss

Ahava Halpern & Frank Lavitt


Patron’s Circle($1000+)

David Banks

Carol Bishop-Gwyn

Anna Blewchamp

Canada's National Ballet School

Kathryn Elder

Bernice and Charles Grieg

Evan McKie

Tess McLean

Laurie Nemetz

Selma Odom

Jane Spooner

Michael Trent

Robert S.Williams
In Honour of R.S. Williams &
Sons Ltd.


Deluxe Box ($500+)

Miriam Adams, C.M.

Jocelyn Allen

Peggy Baker, C.M.
In Memory of Ahmed Hassan & Michael J. Baker

Beverly Bennett

Sally Brayley Bliss

William J.S. Boyle, C.M.

Earlaine Collins, C.M.

Anthony Giacinti
In Memory of Lola MacLaughlin

Dr. Ann Hutchinson Guest

Susan Macpherson & Robert Steiner

Sylvia McPhee

Jeffrey Milgram

Patti Ross Milne

Robert Milne

Dr. Mary Robertson

Richard Silver


Orchestra ($250+)

Carol Anderson

Rosemary Jeanes Antze

Lynly & Trevor Bailie

David M. Bowring

Annette Browne
In Memory of Rachel Browne, C.M.

Sandy Caverly

Ann Chambers

Tanya Evidente Mandarino
In Honour of Eric and Tita Evidente

Kathleen Fraser

Patricia Fraser

Gerry Gilbert-Gray

Maxine Goldberg

Pamela Grundy

Robert Ito
In Memory of Celia Franca

Graham Jackson
In Memory of Michael Conway

Robert Johnston

Karen Kain, C.C.

Cheryl LaFrance

Warren Lane
In Memory of Aileen Lane (née Parker)

Sylvia Lassam

Sallie Lyons

Caroline O'Brien

Michael Ondaatje, C.C.

Heinar Piller

Wendy Reid

Dora Rust-D'Eye

Rhonda Ryman-Kane

Holly Small*

Karen Sparks

Veronica Tennant, C.C.*

Fen Watkin

Karen Wierucki

Penny Winter

Joyce Zemans, C.M. & Fred Zemans

Balcony ($100+)


Stephanie Ballard*

Patricia Beatty

Cheryl Belkin-Epstein

Shira C. Bernholtz

Victoria Bertram

John Birkett

Amy Blake-Hoffman

Marilyn Bower
In Memory of Lois Smith, O.C.

Amy Bowring
In Memory of John Plank

Neil Bregman

Carol Budnick

Darcey Callison

Ginelle Chagnon

Susan Cohen

Yves Cousineau

Michael Crabb

Susan Crean

Helen Davies

Jane Deluzio

Judith Doan

Colin R.C. Dobell

Georgie Donais

David Earle, C.M.

Ian Easterbrook

Ray Ellenwood

Elsa Elliott

Esmeralda Enrique Principato

Margaret Farr
In Memory of Murray Farr

Maureen Farr-Eagan
In Memory of Murray Farr

Marjory Fielding

Jennifer Fisher

Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt

Paul-André Fortier, O.C.

John Fraser, C.M.

Natasha Frid
In Memory of Lawrence Adams, Penelope Reed Doob and Bill Orlowski

Denise Fujiwara*

Judith Garay

Louise Garfield*

Judith Gelber

Nance Gelber & Dan Bjarnason

Leslie Getz

Chan Hon Goh

Elaine Gold

Dr. Bernard Goldman C.M. & Fran Goldman

Carol Gradus
In Memory of Lawrence Gradus

Elyse Graff & Bob McKittrick

Susan Green

Kirsten Gunter

Mark Hammond

Amanda Hancox
In Memory of Alan Lund

E. Ann Herring

Donald Hewitt
In Memory of Grant Strate, O.C.

Elaine Hoag

Ronald Holgerson

Ruth E. Hood

Johanna Householder*

William J. Hutton*

Daniel Jackson

Valerie Jackson*

Suzanne Jaeger

Mary Jago-Romeril

Astrid Janson

Evynia Karmi

James G. Laidlaw

Sheila R. Lawrence

Cliff Le Jeune

Allana Lindgren

Sheilagh MacDonald

Mary Mason

Balcony ($100+) (cont.)

Leslie McAfee
In Honour of the National Tap Dance Company

Marcia McClung

Sondra McGregor

Kathryn Merrett*

Barbara Mitchell

Netgain Partners Inc.

Susan Newlove

Jean Stoneham Orr

Kenny Pearl

Linda Pellis
In Memory of Amelia Jackson

Kaija Pepper
In Memory of Leland Windreich

Joan Phillips

Jim Plaxton

Nadia Potts*

Linda Rabin

Paula Ravitz
In Honour of Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise

Peggy Reddin

Jeanne Renaud, C.M.

Janine Adams Richard*

Jennifer Rieger

Gina Lori Riley

Anuschka Roes

Richard Rutherford*

John Ryerson

Juliana Saxton*

Joan Askwith Short

Phillip Silver

Robert Sirman

Cheryl Smith

Marjorie Sorrell

Karen Sparks

Vicki St. Denys
In Honour of Nadia Potts

John Stanley and Helmut Reichenbacher

Nora Stearns

Astrid Stec

Jini Stolk

Sheri Talosi

Paula Thomson & Maurice Godin*

Judith Tovell

Dominique Turcotte

Barbara Wallace

Janet Walters

Mary Jane Warner

Vincent Warren, C.M.

Philip & Diane Weinstein

Phyllis M. Whyte
In Memory of Donald Whyte

Mary Williamson

Vicki Adams Willis

Dianne L. Woodruff

Claire Wootten
In Memory of William Orlowski

Max Wyman, O.C.

Veronica Zufelt


Up to $99


In Memory of Gwen (Cox) Payne

In Honour of Scott Parkinson

Meredith Adams
In Memory of David Adams, O.C.

Conrad Alexandrowicz

Mauryne Allan*

Francisco Alvarez
In Memory of Grant Strate, O.C.

Walter A. Babiak

Curtis Barlow

Marie Beaulieu

Gabrielle Blair

Jody Bruner

Monica Burr

Bonnie Robson Carpenter

Up to $99 (cont.)

Centrepointe Ballet School

Marie-Josée Chartier

Wendy Chiles

Maureen Consolati

Michael Copeman

Freda Crisp

Barbara De Kat

Anne Dublin

Jason Dubois & Clayton Baraniuk

Mary Farrar

Aviva Fleising

Marie Claire Forté

Peggy Gale*

Jan Gardner

Natalie Zoey Gauld

Randy Glynn

Diane Goudreault

Janet Hagisavas

Anne Harvie

Lynne Heller

Candice Helm*

Monique Hubert

Lilian Jarvis

Kathleen Jerome

Allen & Karen Kaeja

Debbie Kaplan
In Memory of Kay & Stan Smith

Mary Kerr

Janak Khendry

Brigitte Kleer

Shirley Kline*

Calla Lachance

Kaylynne Warford Lowe
In Honour of Alan Faigal

Blanche Lund

Terrill Maguire
In Memory of Penelope Doob

Judith and Rick Marcuse
In Memory of Phyllis Margolick

Patricia Margolese

Elaine de Lorimier Mathys

Pauline McCullagh

Lynne Milnes*

Claudia Moore

Moze Mossanen

Lynne Mullings

Sheila I. Murray

Clairellen Nentwich

Martha Nicholson

Sheilagh O'Connell

Sylvia Palmer*

Uma Parameswaran

Catherine Penman
In Memory of Bev Banfield & Julie Rebecca Priestley

Patricia Robertson

Beth Robinson

Paula Ross
In Honour of Lawrence and Miriam Adams, C.M.

Julia Sasso
In Memory of David Zurak

Julie Scriver

Timothy Spain

Ellen Spencer

Ross Stuart

Philip Szporer

Laura Taler

Anton Wagner

Janet Wason

ennifer Watkins

Anne Wilde
In Memory of Sheila Wilde

*Donations made in Memory of DCD Co-founder Lawrence Adams

Individuals acknowledged above donated between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017

If your listing contains inaccuracies or omissions, please contact us.

DCD gratefully acknowledges the support of our government funders, foundations, individual donors and the late Nick Laidlaw. Dance Collection Danse extends lasting gratitude for the generous bequests from the Lois Smith, Linda Stearns and Leland Windreich Estates.




In 1983, under the banner ENCORE! ENCORE!, research was begun into choreographies created by Canadian dance artists working in the 1940s and 1950s for the purposes of preserving their works through reconstruction, notation, videotape and photography. (READ MORE)


Board and Advisors


Like most successful organizations, DCD has relied on the leadership, time and guidance of a great many people. It is no coincidence that many of these individuals served on our board or honorary advisor list. Our current Board of Directors is chaired by Jane Spooner... (READ MORE)


Board and Advisors


Home to the best in Canadian dance books (biographies, reference, cultural history, educational resources) and DVDs, ShopDCD is also where you can search and download free issues of the longest-running dance magazine dedicated solely to Canadian dance history. (READ MORE)


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Research Centre
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Contact Amy Bowring by email or call one of the numbers above


Miriam Adams, C.M.

Amy Bowring
Executive and Curatorial Director

Jay Rankin
Administrative Director

Vickie Fagan
Director of Development and Producer/Hall of Fame

Michael Ripley
Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Beth Dobson
Archiving and Programming Assistant


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Dance Collection Danse would like to acknowledge that the land on which we work is the traditional territory of the Huron-Wendat, the Anishnaabeg, Haudenosaunee, Métis, and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. It has been a site of human activity, including dance, for at least 15,000 years and we are grateful to all the caretakers, both recorded and unrecorded, of this land and of Turtle Island. Today, the meeting place of Toronto is still the home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work and dance in the community, on this territory.

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