DCD The Magazine - Issue 44 (1997)

No hard copy available. To DOWNLOAD a free PDF copy, CLICK HERE

  • Evelyn Geary by Mary Jane Warner, pages 1, 8-9
  • Opening Remarks by Lawrence Adams, Miriam Adams, page 2
  • New in the Archives (Natalia Butko, Dorothy Tresham, Jean-Pierre Perreault, Jack Bickle, Dance Lovers Magazine), pages 2, 11
  • Murray Farr – Ask Around by Miriam Adams, page 3
  • This Passion for the love of dance, A Tribute to Patricia Fraser by Conrad Alexandrowicz, pages 4-5
  • Maud Allan Costume Restoration, pages 6-7
  • China Dance Journal by Grant Strate, pages 10-11
  • For the Record: Awards, page 12
  • Dance Collection Dance Archives, pages 13-15
  • Recent donors, page 16

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