DCD The News - Issue 33 (1993)

No hard copy available. To DOWNLOAD a free PDF copy, CLICK HERE

  • Gweneth Lloyd: The Mystery Woman by Lawrence Adams, pages 1-2
  • Ludmilla Chiriaeff Recieves the Nijinsky Medal, page 2
  • Toronto Dance Theatre Under the Microscope by Nadine Saxon, page 3
  • Maurice Lacasse Morenoff, 1906-1993 by Iro Tembeck, page 4
  • Vincent Warren: Prix du Québec, page 5
  • New Book: Egregore, page 6
  • Dance Research, page 6
  • Mossanen Video and Saskatchewan Ed., page 6
  • Revival: Bet Your Booties, page 7
  • The Iconoclast by Lawrence Adams, page 7
  • Winnipeg Dance History, page 8
  • From the Wings…, page 8
  • Recent Donors, page 8

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