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  • Cecchetti: A Ballet Dynasty cover

    Cecchetti: A Ballet Dynasty


    By Livia Brillarelli Translator: Deborah Oslansky The story of the Cecchetti family of dancers whose lineage descends from the early 1700s, is a remarkable tale of talent, celebrity and enterprise. Livia Brillarelli authored this book following her research into the Cecchetti family’s personal archives. Through a feast of photographs and fascinating narrative, a new perspective is…

  • China Dance Journal cover

    China Dance Journal


    By Grant State For more than 40 years, Grant Strate has been a prime mover on the Canadian contemporary dance scene. His work as a teacher and mentor has not, however, been restricted to Canada. Strate has established a special affection for and understanding of China through his repeated visits there as an honoured guest…

  • Dancing for de Basil cover

    Dancing for de Basil


    Letters to her Parents from Rosemary Deveson, 1938-1940 Editor: Leland Windreich With an Introduction by Karen Kain What is life really like in a big ballet company? In 1938, at age 16, Rosemary Deveson joined the Ballets Russes after a hurried midnight audition in Vancouver for Colonel de Basil and David Lichine. She signed a…

  • Grant Strate Memoir cover

    Grant Strate A Memoir


    Known to stealthily escape from a boring party, speak his mind though offending some, and persist and endure when others despair, Grant State’s half century of dance has seen the initiation of ventures that have transformed the art form in Canada and overseas. A charter member of The National Ballet of Canada (1951), Strate’s career…

  • An Instinct For Success cover

    Instinct For Success: Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet


    By Michael Crabb Arnold Spohr is outspoken, ambitious, demanding, uncompromising and even combative when it comes to dealing with those whose dedication to the arts falls short of his own. He’s also one of the most honoured, respected and loved figures in the history of Canadian dance. Artistic Director of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for…

  • Jean Pierre Perreault Choreographer Cover

    Jean-Pierre Perreault: Choreographer


    Editor: Aline Gélinas Translator: Lynne Carson Jean-Pierre Perreault was one of the most creative forces in Canadian dance. More than a choreographer, Perreault brought to his work a vibrant interest in art, architecture and music. His 1983 ensemble work, JOE, has deservedly become a Canadian classic and his exploration of space and the dancer-audience relationship made…

  • June Roper: Ballet Starmaker cover

    June Roper: Ballet Starmaker


    By Leland Windreich TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Whatever timing is – coincidence, fate, chance, destiny, divine will or just plain chaos at work – in 1934 all its components came into play on the Vancouver dance scene. Two adept women, Vivian Ramsey and Yvonne Firkins, were planning a theatre arts school … June Roper arrived in…

  • Maud Allan and Her Art cover

    Maud Allan and Her Art


    By Felix Cherniavsky What THEY said about Maud Allan: … “a musician”… “a dancer”… “an Isadora rip-off”… “a harlot”… “a lesbian”… “a femme fatale”… “a fake”. She was all these and much more. To know Maud Allan is to understand the frenetic energy and anxiety of the fin de siècle – the burning desire for freedom…

  • Peter In Process: Peter Boneham’s Sixty Years in Dance


    By Sara Porter Peter Boneham is Canada’s longest serving artistic director in dance. Founding member of Le Groupe de la Place Royale and founding artistic director of Le Groupe Dance Lab, Peter has established an unparallelled legacy of choreographic mentorship. Born in Rochester, New York, Peter trained in ballet, later moving to New York City…

  • Reconstructing Fifteen Heterosexual Duets


    Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie Reconstructing Fifteen Heterosexual Duets by James Kudelka Photography gallery: Michael Slobodian In celebration of a great Canadian dance work, this book offers a feature essay by artistic director Laurence Lemieux, along with intriguing thoughts and observations by some of the dancers who participated in the reconstruction of James Kudelka’s master work….

  • The Dance Teacher: A Biography of Kay Armstrong


    By Kaija Pepper Vancouver’s Kay Armstrong was applauded for her Flamenco style dances. She was a former member of the corps de ballet at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. She had appeared in the Broadway musical Show Boat. Yet, as dance writer Kaija Pepper astutely notes in her examination of Armstrong’s career,…

  • The Man Next Door Dances

    The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter Bingham


    By Kaija Pepper Vancouver-based Peter Bingham has been a driving force in Canada’s contact improvisation scene for 30 years. Influenced by his early training with dancer/choreographer Linda Rubin, he later studied with American proponents of contact, Steve Paxton and Nancy Stark Smith. In 1977, he co-founded Fulcrum with Andrew Harwood and Helen Clarke and the…

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