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  • Dance Studies Bundle

    Dance Studies Bundle


    Over 30% Off! For anyone who teaches, studies or is simply interested Canadian Dance, these 3 publications are our most popular resources. Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance in Canada (Editor: Susan Macpherson); Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories (Edited by Selma Landen Odom and Mary Jane Warner); Renegade Bodies: Canadian Dance in the 1970s (Edited by Allana…

  • Dancers Writing Bundle

    Dancers Writing Bundle


    Over 30% Off! Three books written by dancers – each a wonderful example of how experience within the art form informs and illuminates the subject. Carol Anderson’s Unfold : A Portrait of Peggy Baker; Sara Porter’s Peter in Process – Peter Boneham’s Sixty Years in Dance; and Coleman Lemieux & Compagnie – Reconstructing Fifteen Heterosexual…

  • Life Stories

    Life Stories Bundle


    Save 30%! Grant Strate, Peter Bingham, Arnold Spohr: 3 very influential figures in Canadian dance, 3 incredible stories, 3 wonderful additions to the library of any dance lover. Authors Michael Crabb (Instinct For Success: Instinct For Success: Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet), Kaija Pepper (The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter…

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