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  • Betty Oliphant the Artistry of Teaching cover

    Betty Oliphant: The Artistry of Teaching – A Series of Ballet Classes


    By Nadia Potts DanceForms Illustrations by Rhonda Ryman “At the age of seven I started studying with Miss Oliphant at her studio in Toronto. I immediately liked and responded to her teaching because I felt that I was learning the ‘real thing’ and that I could, by working hard on what she taught me, achieve…

  • Express Dance cover

    Express Dance


    Educators’ Resource for Teaching Dance – Grades 4 to 12 By Carol Oriold, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja The Express Dance method is designed for high school levels and offers a safe, creative and physically invigorating program of movement classes. Teachers with no background in dance can use the Express Dance Method and feel confident in…

  • Form Without Formula cover

    Form Without Formula – A Concise Guide to the Choreographic Process


    By Patricia Beatty Patricia Beatty has been one of the most influential figures in Canadian modern dance for more than 30 years. This short work, now in its fifth printing, is the rich and eloquent distillation of Beatty’s accumulated choreographic wisdom. Although its eight chapters on subjects ranging from music to working methods can be…

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