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  • Betty Oliphant the Artistry of Teaching cover

    Betty Oliphant: The Artistry of Teaching – A Series of Ballet Classes


    By Nadia Potts DanceForms Illustrations by Rhonda Ryman “At the age of seven I started studying with Miss Oliphant at her studio in Toronto. I immediately liked and responded to her teaching because I felt that I was learning the ‘real thing’ and that I could, by working hard on what she taught me, achieve…

  • Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories cover

    Canadian Dance: Visions and Stories


    Edited by Selma Landen Odom and Mary Jane Warner Canadians want to hear stories about their country and the personalities who have forged a path to the present day. Now, thanks to Selma Landen Odom and Mary Jane Warner, two of Canada’s senior dance historians, there is finally an anthology that spans Canadian dance history…

  • Cecchetti: A Ballet Dynasty cover

    Cecchetti: A Ballet Dynasty


    By Livia Brillarelli Translator: Deborah Oslansky The story of the Cecchetti family of dancers whose lineage descends from the early 1700s, is a remarkable tale of talent, celebrity and enterprise. Livia Brillarelli authored this book following her research into the Cecchetti family’s personal archives. Through a feast of photographs and fascinating narrative, a new perspective is…

  • Chasing the Tale 2 Cover

    Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance – Part 2


    By Carol Anderson Chasing the Tale of Contemporary Dance, Parts 1 and 2, provide a snapshot of Canadian theatrical dance at the dawn of the third millennium as seen by Carol Anderson during the 1998 and 2000 Canada Dance Festivals in Ottawa. As relevant as these public diaries are today, they will become even more significant with…

  • China Dance Journal cover

    China Dance Journal


    By Grant State For more than 40 years, Grant Strate has been a prime mover on the Canadian contemporary dance scene. His work as a teacher and mentor has not, however, been restricted to Canada. Strate has established a special affection for and understanding of China through his repeated visits there as an honoured guest…

  • Dancing for de Basil cover

    Dancing for de Basil


    Letters to her Parents from Rosemary Deveson, 1938-1940 Editor: Leland Windreich With an Introduction by Karen Kain What is life really like in a big ballet company? In 1938, at age 16, Rosemary Deveson joined the Ballets Russes after a hurried midnight audition in Vancouver for Colonel de Basil and David Lichine. She signed a…

  • Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance

    Encyclopedia of Theatre Dance/Encyclopédie de la Danse Théâtrale in/au Canada


    HARD COVER EDITION Editor: Susan Macpherson The first comprehensive English/French language dance book produced in Canada, the ETDC/EDTC reflects 150 years of Canadian dance through 275 entries: dancers, choreographers, teachers, companies, dance works and music composed for dance. The ETDC/EDTC is the authoritative source on Canadian theatrical dance – an invaluable reference for studies of…

  • Estivale 2000 cover

    ESTIVALE 2000 Canadian Dancing Bodies Then and Now


    Editor: Iro Valaskakis Tembeck ESTIVALE 2000 was a three-day scholars’ gathering hosted by Université du Québec à Montréal’s dance department in May 2000. The conference focussed specifically on historical, critical and aesthetic research on dance conducted by and about Canadians. It was a first such venture in its choice to dwell solely on Canadian content…

  • Express Dance cover

    Express Dance


    Educators’ Resource for Teaching Dance – Grades 4 to 12 By Carol Oriold, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja The Express Dance method is designed for high school levels and offers a safe, creative and physically invigorating program of movement classes. Teachers with no background in dance can use the Express Dance Method and feel confident in…

  • Form Without Formula cover

    Form Without Formula – A Concise Guide to the Choreographic Process


    By Patricia Beatty Patricia Beatty has been one of the most influential figures in Canadian modern dance for more than 30 years. This short work, now in its fifth printing, is the rich and eloquent distillation of Beatty’s accumulated choreographic wisdom. Although its eight chapters on subjects ranging from music to working methods can be…

  • From Automatism To Modern Dance cover

    From Automatism to Modern Dance – Françoise Sullivan with Franziska Boas in NY


    By Allana Lindgren Françoise Sullivan’s desire to discover dance and life beyond the borders of her Montreal home shows that the longing for a “global acceptance of life and its riches” was an Automatist tenet by which she lived. As evidenced in her early choreography, and in her essay, “Dance and Hope”, in 1946 Sullivan…

  • Grant Strate Memoir cover

    Grant Strate A Memoir


    Known to stealthily escape from a boring party, speak his mind though offending some, and persist and endure when others despair, Grant State’s half century of dance has seen the initiation of ventures that have transformed the art form in Canada and overseas. A charter member of The National Ballet of Canada (1951), Strate’s career…

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