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  • Express Dance cover

    Express Dance


    Educators’ Resource for Teaching Dance – Grades 4 to 12 By Carol Oriold, Allen Kaeja, Karen Kaeja The Express Dance method is designed for high school levels and offers a safe, creative and physically invigorating program of movement classes. Teachers with no background in dance can use the Express Dance Method and feel confident in…

  • Form Without Formula cover

    Form Without Formula – A Concise Guide to the Choreographic Process


    By Patricia Beatty Patricia Beatty has been one of the most influential figures in Canadian modern dance for more than 30 years. This short work, now in its fifth printing, is the rich and eloquent distillation of Beatty’s accumulated choreographic wisdom. Although its eight chapters on subjects ranging from music to working methods can be…

  • From Automatism To Modern Dance cover

    From Automatism to Modern Dance – Françoise Sullivan with Franziska Boas in NY


    By Allana Lindgren Françoise Sullivan’s desire to discover dance and life beyond the borders of her Montreal home shows that the longing for a “global acceptance of life and its riches” was an Automatist tenet by which she lived. As evidenced in her early choreography, and in her essay, “Dance and Hope”, in 1946 Sullivan…

  • Grant Strate Memoir cover

    Grant Strate A Memoir


    Known to stealthily escape from a boring party, speak his mind though offending some, and persist and endure when others despair, Grant State’s half century of dance has seen the initiation of ventures that have transformed the art form in Canada and overseas. A charter member of The National Ballet of Canada (1951), Strate’s career…

  • Index to Dance Canada Dance cover

    Index to Dance in / Danse au Canada Magazine


    Beginning in 1973 until 1989, Dance in / Danse au Canada magazine rolled off the presses four times a year. National in scope, this intelligently written and artfully designed publication reviewed professional performances, incited debates about cultural policy, and showed Canadians the beauty and achievements of their own dance artists. Dance Collection Danse Press/Presse has…

  • An Instinct For Success cover

    Instinct For Success: Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet


    By Michael Crabb Arnold Spohr is outspoken, ambitious, demanding, uncompromising and even combative when it comes to dealing with those whose dedication to the arts falls short of his own. He’s also one of the most honoured, respected and loved figures in the history of Canadian dance. Artistic Director of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet for…

  • Jean Pierre Perreault Choreographer Cover

    Jean-Pierre Perreault: Choreographer


    Editor: Aline Gélinas Translator: Lynne Carson Jean-Pierre Perreault was one of the most creative forces in Canadian dance. More than a choreographer, Perreault brought to his work a vibrant interest in art, architecture and music. His 1983 ensemble work, JOE, has deservedly become a Canadian classic and his exploration of space and the dancer-audience relationship made…

  • June Roper: Ballet Starmaker cover

    June Roper: Ballet Starmaker


    By Leland Windreich TIMING IS EVERYTHING! Whatever timing is – coincidence, fate, chance, destiny, divine will or just plain chaos at work – in 1934 all its components came into play on the Vancouver dance scene. Two adept women, Vivian Ramsey and Yvonne Firkins, were planning a theatre arts school … June Roper arrived in…

  • Life Stories

    Life Stories Bundle


    Save 30%! Grant Strate, Peter Bingham, Arnold Spohr: 3 very influential figures in Canadian dance, 3 incredible stories, 3 wonderful additions to the library of any dance lover. Authors Michael Crabb (Instinct For Success: Instinct For Success: Arnold Spohr and the Royal Winnipeg Ballet), Kaija Pepper (The Man Next Door Dances: The Art of Peter…

  • Maud Allan and Her Art cover

    Maud Allan and Her Art


    By Felix Cherniavsky What THEY said about Maud Allan: … “a musician”… “a dancer”… “an Isadora rip-off”… “a harlot”… “a lesbian”… “a femme fatale”… “a fake”. She was all these and much more. To know Maud Allan is to understand the frenetic energy and anxiety of the fin de siècle – the burning desire for freedom…

  • Revealing Dance cover

    Max Wyman Revealing Dance – Selected Writings, 1970’s-2001


    By Max Wyman Max Wyman’s not a bad guy, he’s just a critic. Dance is central to his life. He eats, sleeps, talks, thinks, dreams and writes about dance. He makes it his business to see all the dance he can. As Wyman himself declares, “no other art form speaks so directly about the ephemerality…

  • Navigating Home Cover

    Navigating Home: Artists of the NL Dance Project


    By Amy Bowring Foreword by Des Walsh Author Amy Bowring’s literary portraits vividly illuminate the histories of dancers who participated in “Navigating Home: The Newfoundland and Labrador Dance Project”. This endeavour gathered Newfoundland dancers from home, with those who live away, to engage in movement explorations with celebrated choreographers Christopher House and Anne Troake. The…

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