The 1950s became a boom period for the development and professionalization of ballet in Canada that saw teaching and training standards rise rapidly and professional companies initiated. When Bettina Byers stepped down from her leadership role in 1956, Doreen Scouler took over while Leonard Crainford held the role of Honorary Secretary. Also by 1956, in addition to the offices in Toronto and Vancouver, RAD organizers had been established in Montréal and in a combined office for the prairie provinces. An Atlantic office appeared in 1963.

Developing more Canadian examiners became a priority and by 1967 Ruth Carse, Louise Goldsmith, Sonia Chamberlain, and Maisie MacPhee attained the qualification. Within another two years, Barbara Cook and Bernice Harper were added to the roster of Canadian examiners, which eased the need for UK personnel to spend rigorous and lengthy tours zigzagging the country. Chamberlain and MacPhee also played a role in teacher training by opening the Canadian College of Dance in Montréal in 1968. They moved the program to the Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto in the early 1970s. With a growing number of regional organizers by the 1970s, it was clear that a central office was needed. In 1977 Canada established its first national office in Toronto run by Scouler, which made the organization of exams, courses, and events easier. After 32 years of service, Scouler retired in 1988 and was succeeded by longtime RAD staff member Jan Garvey who remained at the helm until 2010.


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