Alison Sutcliffe Letters Restoration


They’re here! From tightly wound scrolls to flat and legible documents. DCD is delighted to have 73 of Alison Sutcliffe’s letters back from treatment at the Canadian Conservation Institute

Alison was a Toronto dancer who began her career on the city’s vaudeville stages and then spent three seasons from 1927/28 to 1929/30 at the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York City. She used the Met playbills to write letters home to her parents and her correspondence reveals the quotidienne yet fascinating details of a dancer’s life in the late 1920s. Stay tuned for more about the conservation process in the annual issue of DCD Magazine this fall!

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For more about Alison Sutcliffe’s life and work, visit the virtual exhibition at HERE

Ms. Sutcliffe played a pivotal role in Canadian dance history. You can learn more about her contributions in…

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