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Balanchine in Canada

The artistic director’s view on balanchine

By Joysanne Sidimus, M.S.M.

This special page was created as an accompaniment to the article “Balanchine in Canada” by Balanchine repetiteur Joysanne Sidimus in issue 83, Fall 2023, of DCD Magazine. It consists of contributions only from those artistic directors who either included Balanchine ballets during their tenure or are currently planning to do so. The author is extremely grateful to the artistic directors for their generous time and insights. Click Here to view the exhibit.

The featured Artistic Directors are:
Lynn Wallis & Valerie Wilder; Reid Anderson; James Kudelka, O.C.; Karen Kain, C.C.; Hope Muir; Mavis Staines, C.M., DHumL; André Lewis, O.M.; Arlene Minkhorst; Stépane Léonard; Mikko Nissinen; Jean Grand-Maître; Christopher Anderson; Gradimir Pankov; Ivan Cavalleri; Anik Bissonnette, O.C., C.Q.; Lindsay Fischer

Banner Photo: Donna Day Washington, Hiller Huhn, Pat McKibbon, Raymond Goulet, Sonia Taverner, Frederic Strobel, Beverly Barkley, Karl Kaufman, Helen McKergow, and Bill Martin-Viscount of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet in Balanchine’s Pas de Dix, 1962 / Photo: J. C. Hadden, courtesy of Royal Winnipeg Ballet Archives.
Post photo: George Balanchine teaching, 1960s / Photo: Martha Swope, Dance in Canada Photo Collection, Dance Collection Danse

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