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Signed Poster: Bollywood Wedding, South Asian Arts Society 2009
Photo by Pardeep Singh

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Photo: Bollywood Wedding rehearsal 2009
Feat. (left to right) Gurpreet Sian, Barb Clausen, Raakhi Sinha, Camyar Chai

New Works was a very important part of the beginnings and progression of South Asian Arts Society and my own personal career in the arts. Almost 20 years ago, Raakhi Sinha and I were just two young kids trying to figure out what to do in the arts and we crossed paths with Barb and New Works and they gave us a chance!

Bollywood Wedding was a pivotal moment in our company’s history because it was the first thing that we created on a large scale. Without their logistical support and partnership, that show would not have happened.

The overall support that New Works offers artists is something that’s invaluable. As I look at what I’m doing now with the Monsoon Festival, we have very similar values, providing support services for artists and different platforms.

A lot of that, I think, has sort of unconsciously been ingrained in my mind through working with New Works years ago. That’s a big part of the lasting impact of New Works.

Gurpreet Sian

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