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Photo: FUSE, Out Innerspace, Vancouver Art Gallery 2013
Feat. (left to right) Ralph Escamillan, David Raymond

As artists, as much as we are making work, we’re envisioning futures; we’re creating magic. But we have to pay people with money…there is a real business aspect that determines how much art we can build. And I think New Works has been really pivotal for a lot of artists to find that insight, that business-savvy understanding of how the gears work outside of the stage.

Artists need support. We can’t do it all ourselves, it’s true. And I think it goes back to the idea that it really takes a community—we can’t just be artists individually.

In recent years, the relationship between Out Innerspace and New Works in the new Q7 space has been really huge for me. It is the home of Van Vogue Jam for our classes and programming every Tuesday. It’s been really vital to find space in the city where there isn’t as much red tape, that allows us to just do the work we need to do and offer the programs we need to offer without any huge barriers.


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Photo by Fleix Yuen