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Postcard: Mask, Dance Allsorts,
The Roundhouse 2003
Feat. Yayoi Hirano

I was born and raised in Japan, and studied as an actor and in Japanese and Western dance and pantomime. Because I was touring Europe and North America as a mime artist for a long time, I wanted to show Japanese-influenced dance like Noh theatre dance with Noh theatre style masks [in my work]. I started to carve masks in 1992, and have carved more than 20 masks to use in performance.

I moved to Vancouver in 2002 and heard of The Dance Centre and New Works, and then met Barbara Clausen. As a newcomer to Vancouver’s dance scene, Barbara was instrumental in making me feel welcome.

In November 2003, she offered to present my show Mask at Dance Allsorts performed at the Roundhouse Community Centre, and have a workshop at The Dance Centre. I was also asked to perform on Granville Island for Pop Up Dances in April 2008. Barbara was so supportive in helping me to be a dancer and artist in Vancouver.


Pop Up Dances 2008
Dance Allsorts 2003