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Photo: Yellow, The Roundhouse 2023
Feat. Kay Huang
Photo by Yan Tymoshenko

This image is from Yellow, which is a piece about my last name, Huang—it literally means ‘yellow.’ It became an investigation of me, and trying to make sense of and connect aspects of myself to my father and my heritage.

When I was an artist-in-residence, anytime that I needed something (I would need a poster made up, or emails, or ideas) they were always so open to chat with me about it. I mean, it was emotional support, social support, as well as physical support. It made me realize how important that is to an artist. The creation process is so vulnerable and so fragile. To not be creating in a vacuum but to have a team behind you, even if they’re hidden, is amazing.

New Works as an organization really trust the artist. There is a deep sense that ‘we trust that you will do the work that you need to do, so here’s the space, and here are the resources.’

kay huang

Share Dance Curator 2023
Creation Residency 2022
Past Echoes in the Present 2021
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