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Photo: Move It!, Joe Ink, Firehall Arts Centre 2010
Feat. (left to right) Kuei-ming Lin, Rosanne Gervais
Photo by Chris Randle

In 1995 I incorporated my company, Joe Ink, and the next year I started working with Barbara Clausen and New Works. New Works is synonymous with Barbara Clausen for me, I think, because I’ve known her for so long and worked with her quite extensively—and developed Move It!, which is a community dance program that we pioneered in 2001. Barb really had a big influence on that program, initiating and administrating it, and also just as a creative force behind it.

I have very fond memories of working with New Works. Something that was very pivotal for me is the collaboration I had in South Africa for five years with Moving into Dance Mophatong. That whole experience was very profound personally and artistically.

I manage myself now and have since about 2013, and I can do that because of Barb.

There is something about aging and being in the form for so long where you see this kind of growth in people…I often think about Barb and her impact on my career and growth. It’s this wonderful legacy, I think, that she has really left for the community.

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